Chronicles & Tales
Ellis J. Wells

Interviews - Jack Westgate

Jack Westgate
Role: Soldier I

What Shakespeare role which you haven't played would you love to do?

Hamlet! I feel like any opportunity to play Hamlet would be any blessing for any actor although I think I am still a little too young to play 'the Dane.' it’s also pretty good to see on the CV that you have played Hamlet. I think I would bring a bit of a playfulness and angst.

Did you have any experience with "Timon of Athens - Misanthropos" before this project? - Seeing it on stage, being in it before, reading it at university, etc.?

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Interviews - Bruce Kitchener

Bruce Kitchener
Role: Lucius

You're incredibly prolific in your Shakespeare work on stage (both comedy and tragedy), what gets you excited about acting Shakespeare on film?

In some ways the stage seems ill equipped to deal with many of the themes in Shakespeare's plays. Epic battles are followed by intimate encounters and large-scale ensemble scenes. Film offers a broader canvas and more complex palette.

What do you take away from the story of “Timon of Athens” - Misanthropos?

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Interviews - Saul Marron

Saul Marron
Role: Hortensius

What Shakespeare role, which you haven't played, would you love to do?

Iago from "Othello" has always been my dream role. I love getting to play villains and in this case he is such a clever man who gets what he wants by simply whispering in someone's ear and stepping back to watch the chaos unfold. Evil but subtle with it.

Now you're a main player in the West End smash hit "Sh*tfaced Shakespeare". Would you love to do a drunken version of Timon of Athens?

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Interviews - Tim Barton

Tim Burton
Role: II Councillor

What's the best Shakespeare performance you've seen?

Best Shakespeare performance I've seen... Emma Jay as Rosalind in "As You Like It". This was in 1999, and it was an open-air summer tour. I was in the cast, so I saw her in rehearsal, and was on stage with her some of the time. I've since seen it done by the RSC at Stratford-upon-Avon, and was involved with another production of it, but neither of those Rosalind’s were as good.

You're incredibly well travelled, you've been to some of the most exotic places in the world, from riding the railways in India, to the beaches of Australia, travelling north of the Arctic Circle and backpacking across Peru. How does your experiences of so many different cultures and locations influence understand the psyche of the characters you play?

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