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Save Ukraine - Save Freedom - PEACE !

Save Ukraine - Save Freedom - PEACE !
Europe must build - now - a Humanitarian Bridge towards and between Germany and France as well as other EU countries in order to welcome and protect Ukrainian refugees.

A Bridge of Solidarity.

Misanthropos - A Voice Recording Blog - November 2021

Misanthropos - A Voice Recording Blog November 7th - 10th / 2021

It's hard to believe, sometimes, how long ago we started this journey together. Since our first lot of filming back in Nov 2019 in Portugal, it's been a goodly stretch since we few, we happy few were reunited (sorry, I had to). In addition, in the best possible way... it was like the last 18 months didn't happen. A reunion of old friends, and they all still make me laugh. It was just the loveliest experience.

Now the goal for these three days is to record all the audio for the various scenes we didn’t shoot in Portugal. It was a good opportunity to get us back to the core of our work, which is the voice. Shakespeare, without the language, is pointless; so getting back into a unified rhyme of speech and dialogue was very key. I don't know how others work when doing voice-recording (as physical performance is a moot point, in many ways) but I still had to act a lot of it out, to link myself to the role. Which made my final scene exhausting! I had to cry for ages! I must have looked a right mess.

Obviously, a lot has changed since 2019, and I was thrilled to see Emily has joined the cast. I met Emily (They/Them) on the set of "Last Chancers" back in 2018, and we bonded instantly over our love of Shakespeare.

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