Interviews - Saul Marron

Saul Marron
Role: Hortensius

What Shakespeare role, which you haven't played, would you love to do?

Iago from "Othello" has always been my dream role. I love getting to play villains and in this case he is such a clever man who gets what he wants by simply whispering in someone's ear and stepping back to watch the chaos unfold. Evil but subtle with it.

Now you're a main player in the West End smash hit "Sh*tfaced Shakespeare". Would you love to do a drunken version of Timon of Athens?

Haha, with "Sh!tfaced Shakespeare" we always enjoy playing with both the tragedies as well as the comedies (in-fact tragedies often work better). But our shows in the West End run at 70 minutes so I think it would be a very long and messy version if Timon was the one to get drunk.

Which character would be better absolutely wasted?

I think Alcibiades would be perfect as the drunk. He could tell Timon what he really thinks.

How do you feel about your role? Do you like your character? Was it easy to relate to your character's motives and intentions?

He's a lot more patient than I am. I don't think I could wait all night in the same spot, even if it were to cost me my job.

This film is very much about connecting with the modern world, how do you feel your character's arc or story connects to modern day?

Only in that, he is a part of the system that puts wealth first. But because he is a servant, I do feel like he is just a blue collared worker trying to get by, there is no selfishness or mal-intent towards anyone.

You're no stranger to period work, as you just finished the fantastic ITV "Gentleman Jack" series (kudos again). Can you compare or contrast the character you played there with Hortensius?

They're actually very similar in their stoic and patient nature, though I think James Mackenzie from "Gentleman Jack" has a kinder side to him. He's far more protective and loyal to his employer, whilst I think Hortensius' only real loyalties are to a steady income. Both have equally uncomfortable costumes though, in very different ways, lol.

Have you worked with CGI before?

I did a great show for National Geographic a few years back about the Tower of London that was all green screen. I was fortunate to play lots of different characters in the series, from Ann Boleyn's lovers to the executioner of a priest, all shot in the same studio. I went from pretty much naked to a hooded axeman on the same day. Lots of fun!

Have you ever filmed abroad before?

This is my first time filming abroad, but I have been lucky enough to perform Shakespeare on stage across several US cities. Also about 10 years ago I lived in Valencia for a season performing a Noel Coward adaptation of "The Little Prince". Slightly surreal show but an amazing experience and I fell in love with the city instantly. I'm just about to go on an 8 week tour of Australia next month with "Hamlet". I'm playing Claudius, so I'll get to be the villain again (mwahaha). He's got such a cool demeanor to him, especially for someone who has killed their own brother. It's great to see him slowly crumble over the course of the play.

What is it like to work with Maximianno Cobra?

He has such a focused vision with the project. He definitely knows what he wants and isn't willing to sacrifice things to get the end result he's after.

Lastly, what will happen to your character after? Do you feel there is hope for your character/for the world, by the end of the film?

Being that he is a servant to a master who puts money before friendship, I can't see any redemptive things happening to him. I think he'll live and die a loyal servant.