Chronicles & Tales
Ellis J. Wells

Rehearsals 2018

September 13th - 15th

Our second segment of rehearsals for "Misanthropos".  When we met initially, back in March a large chunk of that rehearsal was about finding the voice.  Finding the beat and rhyme of the text, and unifying how we deliver Shakespeare as a whole.  For example I don't do Shakespeare the tradition way; I don't necessarily follow the pauses or punctuation of the text (sometimes I ignore the rhyme all together, if I'm being honest).  And while that can work on stage, in a film, the way we speak is amplified tenfold... it would put my delivery in uncomfortably harsh relief.  And I wasn't the only one who's (shall we say) 'unique' way of doing Shakespeare jarred with the whole. 
So Maximianno had to bring us all together, one voice, one rhyme, and that involved taking the script and reading, re-reading and reading again.  And just when we thought we had read it enough, we re-read it some more.  It sounds laborious, but by the end we were unified (both in style and understanding) with Shakespeare.

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